Kristin's Affect Phobia Therapy (APT) workshop hosted by the Clinical Division of the Psychological Society of Ireland and the University College Dublin doctoral programme in clinical psychology was an outstanding training event. Over two days Kristin presented the APT model using a thoughtful blend of powerpoint, video recordings and discussion. The audience included both novices and experienced therapists. With great sensitivity to the leaning needs of this mixed audience, Kristin showed us how to use the model with a range of clinical problems. By presenting recordings for APT conducted by herself, Dr Leigh McCollough (the originator of APT), and other therapists, Kristin helped us to understand how the core processes of the model can be addressed in different ways by therapists with different styles. Not only did we all learn a great deal at this workshop, it was also a very enjoyable experience, largely due to Kristin's unique talents as a trainer

Alan Carr Professor of Clinical Psychology University College Dublin, PhD, FBPsS, FPSsI

This approach has enabled me to develop so much more as a therapist and in turn be more effective with my clients, and for that, I will be forever grateful! I want to thank you and by extension Leigh McCullough for the incredible work she has done in both developing this approach, studying its efficacy, and making it available and accessible to therapists no matter what their background or training.

Doctoral Student

Thank you very much for your enthusiasm, for teaching me the idea of self-compassion that you showed in your tapes and in the course. You made me very enthusiastic for E-STDP


Kristin Osborn has transformed my life. I had the good fortune to have been treated by Leigh McCoullough, and then, when Leigh moved to Norway, by Kristin. Leigh's compassionate and brilliant treatment freed me from the awful grip of phobias that stifled my ability to live a meaningful and rich life. But my sessions with Kristin moved far beyond that. Kristin has a stunning ability to make connections, on an intellectual and intuitive level to frame my current-day struggles in a way that quickly identifies the underlying emotional triggers. Kristin's skill at weaving together seemingly unrelated events and emotions into a coherent story has helped me see the emotional patterns so that I can now respond to stressful events in a healthy and productive way. Under Kristin's care I have not only become far more successful and comfortable in my professional and personal relationships, I have learned how to navigate my way through life's bumps with confidence and ease. Kristin has taught me how to see stressful events, in real time, through the lens of self-compassion and self-awareness. My life now is more joyful and productive than I ever could have imagined possible. 


This seminar was incredibly engaging and informative! Watching video with the presenter’s commentary was great! ! It is the first workshop I’ve attended where I felt better afterwards!

Fellow Harvard Vanguart Behavioral Health Fellowship